Important Field Day Information 2019

Please visit the West Broad Field Day Web site to gain a sense of next Friday’s field day. Field day is one of my favorite days of the year, on which I view as an extension of the learning that has been occurring throughout the year in the gym, mixed in with some fun-in-the-sun activities to be enjoyed by our school community. 

Sunscreen, hats, and water bottles are encouraged (and old sneakers, if you have them!). Fresh fruit will be provided at our outdoor nurse/drinking water station. Our home and school association has arranged for every child to have a popsicle treat at the end of our activity rotation.

Thank you to the field day committee parent helpers who have already signed up to lead a station. There are still some stations in need of staffing; I would like to extend the invitation to any other parents who were not on my original list to sign up to lead a game. Thank you for considering. Please see the Souderton Area School District policy that governs community volunteers to ensure you are eligible to assist.

As always, I plan to make every effort to be outside next Friday. Since we do not have a scheduled rain date, we will move the event inside, in which case we do not have the space to accommodate spectators. Please find me at Open House if you care to hear the thought process behind this decision.

Finally, the last outdoor activity slot is from 1:40-2:00. Volunteers and spectators are encouraged to exit school grounds at its conclusion to ensure a smooth, timely dismissal beginning at the normal time (3:15). The students and teachers will come back into the gym for a 5th grade vs. faculty spirit assembly (again, for which we do not have the space to accommodate additional spectators).

Thank you for your attention to this, and again, I am looking forward to a fantastic Friday field day.

P.S.  I do plan on having my classes outside for the next 4 lesson cycles, just in case this might influence outfit/sneaker choices on gym days!

Mr. Dan Stover
Wellness Teacher, Elementary Wellness Coordinator
West Broad Street Elementary School