Use the links below to download West Broad Street Home & School Resources:

  • Check Request Form (PDF)
    In order to request reimbursement for a H&S activity or event, please complete and print the Check Request Form. This form should be accompanied with the appropriate receipts and sent in a sealed envelope to the attention of the H&S Treasurer. Electronically scanned copies of this form and all receipts may be submitted by e-mail to

  • Hands Across the District Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)
    Procedure: Please print and complete this registration form. Return the completed form to the school to the attention of WBS Home and School.

  • Hands Across the District Volunteer Log Sheet (PDF)
    Procedure: This form may be printed and used to track your volunteer hours for the current school year. Forms should be maintained in the Volunteer Log Book in the school office. All volunteer hours must be entered into the log book by May of the current school year.